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Jan 31, Monthly Horoscope: Aries, February have to slow down and go within, especially when Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on February

Max Factor remains a famous brand to this day. Mercury retrograde seems to often coincide with travel disruptions such as strikes. Confusing or delayed communications are also more likely, as are computer shenanigans and internet mayhem. But a retrograde Mercury is an excellent time to review things, check details, and look again at projects and ideas. With Mercury in Libra, these could include legal matters, partnership conundrums, and situations with workmates.

Saturn will now remain in Sagittarius until December And a time for new responsibilities — many people make a lasting commitment such as marriage now, or become more serious about their careers, perhaps even studying to gain more qualifications, or changing career path completely. If you were born between June and April Saturn prompts a serious review of your life and times so far. Do you want to make changes? Challenges, major turning points, and new responsibilities also await those born between — , and - Saturn first entered Sagittarius in December , but travelled backwards into the last degrees of Scorpio during the summer months.

Some of the Saturn in Sagittarius themes I discussed then are already obvious now — the huge global debate about migrants, and the significant challenges facing FIFA for instance. Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time since the Eighties.

This transit lasts until December , and is very important for Sagittarians, Geminis, Pisceans and Virgos — and for people, countries and organisations with planets in those signs. Sagittarius is associated with the far horizons — meaning mental exploration and study, travel, spiritual quests, justice and sporting adventures. Sagittarius tends to dislike boundaries, unless they are the ones it has decreed — this sign can also represent religious fanaticism, dogmatic idealism, my way or the highway.

Saturn represents boundaries and rules. So, you can see how there will have to be many adjustments as Saturn tries to saddle up the wild horses of Sagittarius, and get them to do what he wants.

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I think Saturn in Sagittarius will emphasise necessary restrictions around travel — from the fuel we use to the security aspects involved with mass movement of people around the planet. And that includes health issues, and the spread of infection. It may also include research on the effects of high levels of radiation sustained by passengers flying at high altitudes. Debates about human migration will intensify around the world. Saturn will move into the stern sign of the banker, Capricorn, after So it might be wise to prune excess in advance.

Saturn will also challenge freedom in our relationships in some way. We will have to make choices, commitments, and find practical ways to honour our connections with each other both in love, and in business. Sport is another area where Saturn will bring focus on rules, boundaries and fairness — in the sports themselves, and affecting those who profit from them. Saturn is already standing on the pitch, blowing his whistle. All these issues are, of course, important all over the world.

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Here in Europe, two main charts for the European Union are affected as Saturn visits energy planet Mars in both charts suggesting a strong focus on issues outlined here. Limitations on movement and travel seem particularly likely. Communications, religion, and education will also be highlighted.

September update — national charts with a Saturn return in the next six months include: Mexico, Argentina, Ghana, Cuba, and Pakistan. So this week is all about the idea of balance — the scales of Libra, and the Equinox — meaning that the night and day are equal in length. Happy birthday lovely Librans. And more ambitious too. Libra is a dynamic, cardinal sign and will initiate projects and schemes — but needs partners in crime, love, war and work if they are to thrive.

At heart, Libra seeks balance in all things. Meanwhile, the Sun is supported by serious Saturn, making this a positive week to build on your experience and make practical plans. Bach believed that our emotional states can affect our health and well-being. Bring the negative emotional state — such as fearfulness, exhaustion, or lack of direction back into balance — that Libran keyword - and healing can occur. All 38 remedies are made from plants, flowers, or trees, and are said to contain the essential energy vibration of each one. No, the remedies do not perform well in clinical trials, but many people have found them very helpful.

And our subtle, emotional states are perhaps not suited to conventional medical research techniques.

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He said:. Mars is the planet of action and desire. Virgo is the sign of service — so Mars in Virgo can seek to serve others in some way — perhaps through a career in the health service, through writing, teaching, or working with pets and small animals. Over-thinking every action can delay decisions or undermine determination when Mars is in Virgo in a natal horoscope.

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However, Mars in Virgo can be surprisingly sexy. Pluto turns direct in Capricorn. Now it begins to travel forwards again, and certain things may begin to move along more quickly, or summer secrets emerge from their hiding places. Pluto likes to cleanse, recycle, and transform, eradicating anything that stands in the way of regeneration. Published August 25, Updated July 9, Comments Please log in to bookmark this story. Log In Create Free Account.

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