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Jan 31, Monthly Horoscope: Aries, February have to slow down and go within, especially when Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on February

But wait, what's a worm moon?

For you as an Aries, this week is definitely not going to be business as usual, especially if you have an early birthday. The better news is that at the same time on March 21 st at the Equinox, the Sun returns to your sign kicking off your personal New Year and, more importantly, recharging your batteries. The last ten days of March will bring changes, both endings and beginnings, especially in your relationships, whether personal or professional. This is practical, forward momentum which you need to channel straight into a project or side business or passion before it evaporates.

The only caveat is with Mercury merging with illusionist Neptune in slippery Pisces, you must draw up a solid blueprint with strong foundations. As your personal planet Mercury is retrograde conjunct illusionist Neptune at the pinnacle of your chart, you will have to abandon your cherished logic this week to navigate the undercurrents. Everything and everyone will be hyped up, over sensitive and quick to react under this potent Full Super Moon. So, if there are hold ups, glitches, misunderstandings or even cancellations around something important to you, be philosophical.

So this week when a Super Moon-like a wild card eclipse-activates your career zone, expect the unexpected. And if an offer, proposal or contract is forthcoming, get it in writing in triplicate and wait until after March 28 th to sign it. This week be extra alert for messages, signs and nudges of all kinds that are pointing you towards making a course correction.

The Super Moon cuts across your angle of communication and journeying-both inner and outer- while Mercury is retrograde merging with illusionist Neptune. Capture them before they evaporate back into the ethers by journaling, mind mapping, drawing or vision boarding-whatever works for you.

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For you as a Virgo, your personal planet Mercury is retrograde in your relationship zone and merging with illusionist Neptune on Sunday so nothing is clear or straightforward. Depending on your own level of insight, this could bring great inspiration through dreams or creativity or a disappointment in one special relationship. The key to navigating this white water ride is to stay centred by witnessing events rather than involving yourself in them.

This is not business as usual. With the Sun conjunct Chiron in your relationship zone along with Mercury travelling backwards with slippery Neptune, there might be moments of real soul to soul connection or the dissolving of bonds that are not strong enough to hold.

One of your greatest gifts as a Pluto ruled Scorpio is your ability in a crisis to stay in the shadows, just watching and wait for the right moment to act. You intuit this through your senses and are rarely wrong. This week, when a Super Full Moon turns many people extra sensitive, over reactive or volatile, stay centred, stay at the margins and see it all as a fleeting soap opera. Ignore pressure to make a hard and fast commitment -whether to a relationship or a contract-until Mercury turns forward on March 28 th.

On Wednesday as the Sun crosses into fellow Fire sign Aries in the heat of a Super Full Moon, as a Sagittarian you start a whole new chapter, full of opportunity and potential. Watch as the ideas start to flow, as insights appear out of the ethers and as your creativity takes a quantum leap. Remember to capture them before they fade back into the ethers. But,before you take a leap of faith into your future, Mercury is retrograde with illusionist Neptune at the root of your chart.

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Is there a simmering situation or relationship at home that needs sorting out? If so, look under the surface and face it head on. This is definitely not Capricornian business as usual. The symbolism is clear -anticipate a chapter of endings and beginnings over the coming month.

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They will not be obvious or crystal clear since planet of communication and commerce Mercury is travelling backwards with planet of smoke and mirrors Neptune. People you deal with are likely to be more unreliable, over sensitive or evasive. Use the webcal link mentioned above.

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The Super Worm Moon Is Here To Make You Question All Your Life Choices

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