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Jan 31, Monthly Horoscope: Aries, February have to slow down and go within, especially when Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on February

Aries is the experince of knowing oneself. Taurus is the second sign on the zodiacal wheel. It represents sensuality, love, and pleasure.

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Taurus is symbolic of the human body and our relationship to physical experiences. People heavy in Taurus energy in their birth charts often are very in tune with the needs of their body; sexuality, food, and adornment. This zodiac sign often has an well developed sense of artistic expression, desiring to experience life though experiential means.

Art, music, and beauty come naturally to this sign.

Taurus is assocaited with a love of security, stabilty, and peace; building a world centered around these concepts. As an Earth sign, Taurus easily expresses the energy of Gaia, often being adept at gardening, herbalism, cooking, and kitchen witchery. This zodiac sign can be very sensitive in nature, especially when it comes to feeling psychic energy within their physical bodies.

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Gemini is a variety loving zodiac sign placed third on the natural wheel of the zodiac. This sign is known for playful energy, trickery, and communication skills. Gemini is very adept at reading body language of others and putting the information that is learned to good use. This zodiac sign operates through the mind, often having an abundance of mental stimulus and ideas. Gemini loves the written word, storytelling, and talking.

The Purpose of an Astrological Wheel and Birth Charts

This zodiac sign is symbolic of how information is gathered and disseminated, the freedom of expression, and verbalizing feelings, emotions, and needs through the use of language. Gemini has a very creative energy and a curious nature, making this sign one that keeps everyone guessing. Cancer is the archetype of the protector, mother, and father. This is the fourth sign on the zodiacal wheel and is symbolic of our relationship to security, home, and ancestry.

Cancer is the energy of the caregiver and advocate.

This sign is very creative and supportive. People strong in Cancer energy often make great leaders as they are naturally caring, loving, and compassionate individuals. This zodiac sign is very focused on their relationship to psyche and soul and understanding why they experience the world the way they do.

There is an emotional overtone to their interactions with others. Cancer is symbolic of psychic and receptive energy. Leo is the 5th sign on the zodiacal wheel symbolic of generosity and creative self-expression. Leo is discovering who they are and who they want to be in the world through a confident self-identity. A Leo enjoys the attention and appreciation that comes with sharing their gifts or something they created.

This zodiac sign is known for being entertaining, witty, and extremely loyal to their friends, ideologies, and perspectives. The energy of Leo is concerned with authentic self-expression and the ability to manifest creative and artistic abilities. Someone heavily weighted with planets in Leo in their natal chart will be especially influential if they want to be. Leo has the gift of charisma and charm which will surely be able to win people over to their point of view. Leo is known for being naturally talented, athletic, and creatively gifted.

Virgo is the sixth sign on the astrological wheel. It has no more use than that of an alternative calendar, with a few months that correspond to mythological figures. What we can do with the zodiac is to observe the shapes of its constellations —which are always seen in the sky on the southern horizon in the northern hemisphere and on the northern horizon in the southern hemisphere —and remember their corresponding legends.

But we can observe other impressive constellations :.

Astrological Signs

Sagittarius is one of the constellations richest in astronomical objects. A scan with some binoculars reveals nebulae such as the Trifid or the Lagoon and a large number of star clusters. Taurus stands out thanks to its brightest star, Aldebaran, a giant easily identifiable with the naked eye because of its red colour, representing one of the eyes of the animal. On its spine, also without optical assistance, you can see a group of stars: the Pleiades. Close-up view rotated of the nebulae of The Lagoon and Trifid. A little further east of Gemini you can spot Leo , one of the constellations with the most recognizable shape of the entire catalogue: many civilizations have come to recognize it as a crouching lion of the sky.

One of its stars, Regulus, stands out for being one of the brightest in the entire sky. During these days, shooting stars will appear to radiate from the constellation of Leo, which are produced by the prolific Leonid meteor shower. Famed for its spectacular nature, it is easy to see very bright shooting stars these nights, but in much smaller quantities than other meteor showers like the Perseids in August or the Geminids in December. The zodiacal constellations will not help us to predict the future, but they are the perfect excuse to get away from the lights of cities and population centres and enjoy a good night of observation.

What Is An Astrological Mirror? How Understanding Your Zodiac Polarity Can Inspire You

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12 Zodiac Signs and What They Say About You

Login Profile. Es En. Economy Humanities Science Technology. Multimedia OpenMind books Authors. It is their relationships in spirit that make astrology possible.

6 types of astrological relationships: How do you and your partner match up?

When we ask: " What is your Sign? This is easy for most people to answer, because the Sun travels throughout the entire zodiac over the course of a year, making its course through the heavens entirely regular and predictable. And since you have found this page, you probably have your own personal birth chart horoscope already calculated, but if you do not, please click here to calculate your own chart.

It's free! There are twelve signs, more or less matching the twelve months, though since our calendar was recalculated under Pope Gregory in the 16th Century, the months no longer match the signs exactly. The signs are divided into 30 equal degrees each. The circle of the zodiac is therefore divided into degrees, each in itself significant — although the specific influence of degrees is beyond the scope of our brief analysis. Each sign projects a set of deep-seated behavioural characteristics and typical responses to the influence of circumstances.